The hotel is the use of intelligent computer control , communications, management, technology , constitute a dedicated network -based RCU ( hotel guest controller ) in the room , the hotel room security systems, access control systems, central air conditioning systems, intelligent lighting systems, service systems, background music systems, intelligent management and control, real-time monitoring room status , guest needs, service conditions and equipment conditions , to assist the hotel room equipment and internal resources for real-time control analysis of integrated service management control system.
Future trends in hotel guest controlled
       The 21st century is an era of rapid development, and the hotel industry in the 21st century , people made ​​more demands.
       The hotel is a new concept of technology, diversity, networking, star , green , humanities, while maintaining their own distinct personality with a hotel, service is more humane, intelligent.
With China's rapid economic development has brought the world a wide range of personnel exchanges , commerce, tourism , conferences and other reasons prompted the domestic hotel industry unparalleled prosperity , it is now the hotel has not only limited to the residence requirements . Requirements of the hotel is already a multi-functional . Residence , meeting, office , leisure and entertainment , like no less. How to meet the requirements of various customers of this , of course, the hotel 's building is more upscale, more luxurious. Now not only have a lot of five-star hotels , and even super-star , six- star hotel , is what prompted these hotels seem different? In addition to fitting the grade outside the building itself , the hotel is also an aspect of service management , but to really promote these hotels Gaorenyichou is widely used tech, intelligent products.
The hotel rooms are operated subject. Run hotel guests and the management of the hotel room intelligent control system is closely related to the stability of the system, reliability is very important. Hotel room control system in the development and production process, it is necessary to ensure the rational design of advanced concepts and scientific rigor of the production process, but also to ensure the successful experience of running the system in the market . Meanwhile, the system should also meet Chinese and international relevant safety standards to ensure the safety of users .
Modern rooms feature upscale hotel offers guests more than just a comfortable home , but also from all aspects of the guests 'home' general feeling. And this feeling on the one hand from the meticulous personalized service provided by the hotel , on the other hand from the room interior modern hardware devices. With the progress of time, hotel room decor is more and more luxurious , but also more and more high-grade electrical equipment , lighting , TV also enables centralized control , but most take the bedside manner of centralized control , in other regions still have to rely on wall panels , in a relatively large area of this design is clearly suite inconvenience .
       In a harmonious society today , "people-oriented " put forward the idea of an inevitable social development, "the most humane " as "people-oriented " as a manifestation has been the community generally recognized and accepted , which will also be the future trend in the hotel industry .
       We can provide the most reliable, most complete and most humane hotel off control of the overall solution for the mission, the success of " people-oriented " concept injected T-PAX hotel rooms intelligent management and control systems , the real hotel guest controlled so that the " most humane . "