Smart office management system uses advanced computer technology, embedded systems and network communication technology, various devices ( such as lighting systems, environmental control, security systems, network electrical equipment ) connected via a network together to achieve a modern office buildings , factories and other office intelligent control in the region .
       On the one hand , intelligent management system to provide a more convenient and secure way to manage modern office equipment , such as through intelligent terminals , smart phones , the Internet , or voice recognition control the electrical equipment, monitoring corporate office area to see an important channel , real-time case work for job security , management and work environment provides intelligent, scientific , modern management model ; scene but can also perform operations such as lighting , security linkage scene for modern office achieve functional, convenient operation , intelligent control mode ;
       On the other hand , various equipment management system with intelligent two-way communication, without directing the work can be carried out in accordance with the actual state of smart , convenient and energy saving. Compared with conventional systems , intelligent management system not only has the traditional control functions, through intelligent management system that provides a full range of information exchange capabilities for intelligent management companies do to ensure the exchange of information with external companies smooth , modernize office area of intelligent management.