People with cold physique may suffer from many diseases. There is an old Chinese saying says “coldness comes from feet”, which means if you want to keep body warm, you should start from keeping feet warm. Nano-material floor heating plate is designed to give you the feeling of warmness with the best experiences. You will not feel “ coldness comes from feet” any more, instead, “ warm from the bottom to the top”.
1. Health-care
While nano-materials floor heating system is operating, it releases far infrared ray, forming an incredible physical therapy environment. Through lots of clinical observations, far infrared was proofed that it has great health-care performances.
1) Improve Blood Circulation
Far infrared is absorbed by human skin and brings heat effect, which improves blood circulation.
2) Strengthen Body Metabolism
The improved blood circulation system will enhance the nutrition tissue, therefore body metabolism will be activized. 
3)Improve Immune System
Strong metabolism kills virus inside body, and thus improve immune system.
4)Diminishing inflammation, Detumescence and Analgesia
Once immune system was improved, cell regeneration ability is stronger and energetic, which brings medical effects on diminishing inflammation , detumescence and analgesia. 
2. Advantages
1)Environmental-friendly and safe
Made of non-metallic inorganic materials, fully insulated, no harmful emissions, zero electromagnetic pollution; minimizes air harmfulness (for example in a new-decorated house).
2) Energy-saving
Higher heat exchange rate than similar products; 50% less cost than traditional water heating and cable heating. 
3) High Efficiency
Room temperature would be evenly heated up to 20℃( with doors and windows closed)
4)Great Compatibility
All kinds of floor materials : wooden, tile, marble, cement, carpet, etc.
All kinds of places : home, hotel, club, shops, office, SPA, kindergarten, nursing home, laboratory, exhibition hall, greenhouse, gym etc.
Various geographic regions: available in both southern and northern places.
5)Strong Stability
Stable performance more than 50 years.
Appropriate room temperature keeps away from annoying dampness.
7)Smart Control
By using self-developed GSCS, turn on floor heating system and adjust to the right temperature before coming back home.

3. Nano-material Floor Heating VS Other Floor Heating Products

Items Water Heating Cable Heating Electrothermal
Carbon Crystal
Total 9cm 7cm 3cm 3cm 2.2cm
Rated Power Rate high temp,high
rated power
high temp,high
rated power
low temp,low
rated power 150w
low temp,low rated
power 120w
low temp,low rated
power 100w
Heat Exchange
60% 65% 98% 98% 99%
Safety water leakage extra facility to
keep from getting
to hot
easy to get severe
easy to get to hot
even heating,stable
Working Life 5-8 years 30 years 5-8 years max,50 years but
wuth severe
up to 50 years and still
works stably
Cost RMB/Month
(Floor Space100m^2) 
1500 1500 1000 800 600


4. Installation

1.Standard specification is 1000mm x 600mm x 0.8mm, and various specification will be provided to meet different customer needs.
2. Generally, working temperature of the heating plate is around 45℃; room temperature can be heated up 20℃.