Smart home or called smart homes , commonly used in English, Smart Home, Inte1ligent home, and this means there is a similar home automation (Home Automation), electronic home (Electronic Home, E-home), digital home (Digital family), network Home (Network Home), intelligent Building (Inte1ligent Building).
     Smart Home is a residential platform, both architecture , network communications , information appliances, equipment automation, collection systems, structure , service and management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient , environmentally friendly living environment.
     Intelligent home automation products in the home , on the basis of intelligence through the network according to the requirements of anthropomorphic achieved . Smart home can be defined as a process or a system, using advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, wireless technology, the various subsystems associated with home life , together organically . Compared with ordinary household , from a passive static structure into a dynamic intelligence tool that provides a full range of messaging capabilities to help families keep the information exchange with the external flow . Smart Home emphasize people's initiative , calling attention to the coordination between man and the living environment , can arbitrarily control the indoor living environment.

     Highly reliable , foolproof : PLC-BUS technology uses a new power line loading techniques , the use of low-frequency , broad-spectrum technology to produce a very powerful electric communication signals , it has a strong anti-jamming ; its communication technology than the X-10 to be more reliable , the transmitted signal is usually transmitted and received , the received ratios , PLCBUS technology is 100-1000 times the X-10 technology , the quality of signal transmission CEBUS LONWORKS technology or may be relatively better X-10 , but the signal ratio is also receiving less than 10-100 times PLCBUS technology ( reliability refers here since the initial installation, the correct transceiver signal transmission percentage ) . PLCBUS products in the Netherlands tested were free to install a single home in a typical residential environment, in the original environment, without any modification. This also means that under the circumstances , based on the original , do not install any repeaters and traps / filters circumstances, its reliability at 99.95 %, while the reliability of the X-10 product is now probably only reach 70% -80 %, so , PLC-BUS technology is more suited to China's complex power line environment.
     No wiring , plug and play : PLC-BUS technology a very powerful power line carrier communication protocol , it is mainly to transmit control signals through the power line , so no need to re- wiring ; PLCBUS and communication technology than X-10 technology to reliable and more, the signal can be almost 100% of the power transmission line , without rewiring. For all have been renovated and not renovated stadium and other projects and domestic intelligence intelligent control projects.
     Low cost, high cost : in the microprocessor plus the cost of two-way transceiver components higher than the X-10 is only a single receiver or transmitter module assembly cost about 40 % -60 % , more suitable for China's current consumption level of people's lives , you can enjoy intelligent life !
     Super speed , ie control that is now : PLC-BUS signal transmission speed is 20 to 40 times the X-10 technology. This is equivalent to 10 per complete instruction can be completed , the average from launch to execute each instruction in 0.1 seconds, almost that control that is now.
     Two-way communication , state feedback : the PLC-BUS products, hardware, software and protocols , we design feature which allows two-way communication , allowing the device to be controlled real switch status feedback signal in order to determine whether the control commands actually be executed correctly. PLC-BUS technology 100% bi-directional communication , but also to achieve a variety of ways and is set to be controlled by computer .
     60000 addresses a wider application : Compared with the traditional 256 address code X-10 , and a transmitter can control up to 256 different addresses devices. PLC-BUS system can allocate a total of up to 64,000 different address codes. If necessary , can also be applied to the network encrypted . This makes it suitable for every household in the smart home features implemented in residential buildings , without the need to filter through the installation of equipment to protect traps alone every household system , greatly improving the feasibility of community-based domestic intelligence and stability.
     High reliability and multi- address function PLC-BUS technology makes it almost can be applied to all areas of public life, recreation, leisure, office , transportation and other intelligence projects.
     Compatibility is good , and do not conflict : PLC-BUS technology equipment compatible with X-10, CEBus, and LonWorks devices , will not generate any signal conflicts. It uses a broadband , narrowband and spread spectrum technology is completely different frequency ranges. And communication with the PLC-BUS technology X-10, CEBus, and LonWorks modem technology is completely different . Meanwhile, as long as the installation of X10 and PLC-BUS signal converter , you can easily communicate with each other and control systems and PLC-BUS X10 system .