GSCS global synchronization control system is designed for intelligent application software developed special software. It has low system requirements to run the hardware to run on multiple operating systems in the WIN platform , just with Sentinel and drive , simple installation can be run directly . Software interface is simple , beautiful, easy to operate, through the software can be easily achieved by computer control of various devices on the family and queries . Software included hotkey operation, the user can be set according to individual needs. The purpose of the software itself has advanced, networked devices to achieve shared resources and information resources , therefore , the computer network itself is open . With the continuous development of society and progress, constantly changing needs of users , scale and degree of automation intelligent management system will continue to expand and improve. In the long run , this software collection system requirements low , easy to install , convenient to use , simple to operate, upgrade fast, timely maintenance , etc., the advantages are obvious.
GSCS system has good scalability feature , the user can demand , the system is expanded or upgraded.
System primarily supports the following functions:
( 1 ) graphic user interface system : The way a graphical interface make operation simple and convenient.
( 2 ) various sizes of embedded control terminal : Suitable for all types of touch screen.
( 3 ) support of the system Handset: support for Apple 's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad products.
( 4 ) support the use of Symbian OS phones.
( 5 ) support for the Android mobile phone operating system .
( 6 ) support the use of the Windows operating system for mobile phones .
( 7 ) supports Windows family of operating systems for computers.
( 8 ) support the use of Windows CE as the operating system of the machine.

Intelligent lighting system


       Easily replace : either newly renovated households, or households have been renovated , as long as the ordinary panel dark pick ultra-small module , you can easily achieve intelligent lighting , make life more brilliant colors.
       Soft start function: dimming lights fade feature that allows the eyes from bright light suddenly dark sudden stimulus , but also can extend lamp life .
       Dimming Function : dim lights brighten function , the function can achieve energy saving and environmental protection , and can set the scene mode.
       Brightness memory : memory function light levels , so that the light richer human touch , so full of light changing magic.
       A full- function keys for easy emergency lights and appliances , and a key to full off all lights : full full off
       Smart Background Music System : Background music can make each room in the house are covered with music, and you can not enjoy the same music together , such that you want to watch TV in the living room , while the children in the bedroom might want to hear the old man in the room to hear English opera background music lets you finish together , do not want to hear after time scheduling can be switched off or the volume or communicate with other music by GSCS system, which is the difference between the background music and usually the most essential amplifier , background music system is also embodied intelligence .

Electric curtains


      Timing control: the set time on the master switch, opened the morning time, the curtains parted and closed the evening time, the curtains closed automatically. Temporarily opened or closed, simply use the remote control, gently press the "open" or "close" button can be.
      Wireless control: semi-automatic manual control is when you open or close the curtains, simply click on the "forward" or "reverse" button, the curtains in place automatically stop, can always press "stop button", curtains automatically stops.
      Intelligent linkage control: When the curtain opened or closed by means of a test environment is the primary controller automatically controls the brightness of the completion of the "dark closed, open dawn" with intelligent management mode, or intelligent system interface mode by pressing theater, the curtain will Close linkage, no malfunction.

Monitoring security


        Nothing is more important than the safety for a family, so you need a sound, reliable security alarm system. Any time, any place can GSCS system by understanding the situation at home, you can always view, control security state. Any zone alarm occurs, "sharp collar" smart home security system not only can issue a local audible alarm, and can notify the GSCS terminal equipment through the network, while monitoring alarm zone, to keep abreast of the situation in order to ensure the safety of home.
        Intelligent air conditioning system
        GSCS system according to the temperature probe provides versatile, humidity, carbon dioxide, air quality parameters intelligent control air system to ensure indoor air fresh, guarantee health of their families.

Smart home scenario features


       So in the end the smart home can bring us some of what modern life is not the same change? Here you please personally feel as we work together in a smart home tours, experience the smart home has modern high quality of life.
       6:30 in the morning , start early scenarios, bedroom curtains slowly opened automatically , soft dawn through into the room . Audio system automatically play the soft music , while the bedroom lights automatically adjusts to a comfortable brightness.
       7:00 , and so when you come out , smart coffee machines have hot coffee ready for you . Gently press the " breakfast" scenario keys , stereo automatically start , air conditioning is turned on and adjusted to a preset temperature, the restaurant lights automatically turn on .
       7:30 , you go left , press the home key scenario , the system will start the home scenarios, the living room curtains , lighting, sound and other equipment automatically shut down , turn on the security system .
       You can also rest assured that the smart home system still maintains a full range of operational status . Home in every corner of the real-time detection and monitoring among the once unusual circumstances, such as a gas leak , fire, elderly or suffering from disease emergency events such as the invasion of outsiders , the system will prompt measures , and in many ways a timely warning notify you .
       17:30 pm , a busy day , came home from work , you can on the way home , took out the phone remote control smart home system , air conditioning and water heaters to work instructions.