Wah Link control system intelligent cinema mainly designed for home theater, home theater focuses on intelligent control systems . Through it, users do not busy lights , open the curtains , it will not face a lot of various kinds of audio and video remote control and headache. Just tap or slide your finger , all operations will simplify , so you do not need complicated setup and operation , throw away the remote control of complex operations , with high-definition Blu-ray , HD projectors , professional audio amplifier, so that you meet no user will be able to enjoy professional-level audio-visual feast.
Wah Link intelligent theater control system has several advantages compared to similar products on the market :
       1: simplification : all devices except the power cord, and Blu-ray HDMI cable to the amplifier , basically no data transmission lines, control systems are also using power line transmission, greatly reduces the difficulty of living room renovation home theater system , home theater system so that simpler and more beautiful.
       2 : Intelligent : Basic remote control for all devices with less than a wife . Do not have to worry about a lot of the remote control , does not occur in the course of looking for the remote control to find the remote control, but all audio-visual equipment IR commands to control all integrated into the smart audio system , a key to open and close . Let the real smart home theater system up !
       Wah Link intelligent control system consists PLCBUS home theater intelligent systems , IPAD, tablet or mobile phone components, can for a number of devices, operating complex audio-visual room environment, design a set of intelligent, centralized control method .
The control system is mainly to achieve the following functions:
1.An intelligent video control
       Through software control interface , organizational learning , editing a variety of audio-visual equipment and stores infrared codes and infrared commands are sent via an infrared extension cable, to achieve a variety of audio-visual equipment , intelligent control .
2 . Intelligent lighting control
       PLCBUS combination of intelligent home automation system will be integrated into home theater lighting system may be too LCD touch controller and intelligent remote control interface to achieve the intelligent lighting control , dimming effect with personalized features, energy saving effect.
3 . Intelligent curtain control
       PLCBUS combination of intelligent home automation system will be integrated into home theater curtain system may be too LCD touch controller and intelligent remote control interface to achieve the curtain intelligent control , can be controlled according to the actual situation projection screen or lift electric curtains , etc. supports both unified process control , and also supports single independent control .
4 smart appliance control
       By tablet or mobile phone control interface , organizational learning and home appliances store various infrared infrared codes and infrared commands are transmitted via infrared extension cable , with portable smart socket , to achieve a variety of infrared appliances intelligent control, such as air conditioning , Blu-ray DVD , television.
5 one-touch scene control
       Supports both single independent control of various devices , and also supports a key scene control system. A key to achieve the combined effect of a variety of lighting , curtains and audio-visual equipment , home appliances , mobile cinema controller implemented by "viewing theater, viewing end , parlor mode ", and other one-button scene , scene control mode according to the demand pre- set and customized by the user.
       Wah Link intelligent audio-visual equipment using the most advanced power line carrier communication (PLCBUS) technology and infrared commands control technology, whether you are in any corner of any room , no matter how many you have a remote control, you just use a cell phone or a tablet computer since the operation can include everything you want to control home electrical equipment inside the machine . Completely get rid of a lot of the remote upset you trouble , make your bedroom more concise and orderly. Truly intelligent home , allowing you to advance into the smart era.