Healthy Living Solution : You can maintain a comfortable indoor environment , effective management of family health solutions.
Community portal solutions : through a variety of services to make life more colorful family and neighborhood .
Integrated control solution : the number of households appliances and home automation devices for networking , both inside and outside the household can conveniently control the various facilities within the home .
Household management solutions : from energy management to the product fault diagnosis, provide economic and efficient household internal integrated management solutions.
Leisure Solutions: by household A / V device , anywhere in the household to share music, video , photos, and other content.
Disaster Security Solutions : Managing outsiders and prevent intruders out , when a gas leak or a fire that can quickly and safely processed.
Property Management Solutions: 24 hours property management , 24- hour electronic anti-theft system , everything is where you live full service , high- quality interpretation of real life .
Community management solutions : one for public areas and community management solutions , including security monitoring , no security , no mail , and parking management , so as to ensure the comfort and safety of community life.